The Best Windshield Wipers To Keep Your Vision Crystal Clear

While windshield wipers likely only cross your mind when it rains, you should really think about how much they truly assist you when this situation occurs. Especially if you’re in an area where it constantly rains, you need to consider upgrading to one of the best windshield wipers on the market.

While you may think your standard windshield wipers, that come with the car may get the job done, you would be surprised at the technology in a more well-equipped pair of windshield wipers. If you’re like most people, you rarely find yourself replacing them, and you notice the amount of rain that is still on your windshield even after turning your wipers on. This is because the rubber on standard windshield wipers is poorly constructed, and will eventually erode from the friction.

That said, you need to consider a few different things when purchasing windshield wipers. Are they a well reputable brand such as Bosch, or Rain-X? If not, you’re likely buying a generic windshield wiper; and, with that, you’re going to experience poor performance. Next, is the windshield wiper compatible with your vehicle? There are quite a few different sizes, and you’re not going to want to buy the wrong size for obvious reasons. Last of all, which kind of rubber are these windshield wipers created with? Each rubber is going to perform differently.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best windshields wipers of 2018, ranked accordingly. Keep in mind that Amazon is also capable of telling you if they will fit your vehicle. Treat yourself to a pair of windshield wipers, and experience a clear windshield like never before.


Windshield Wiper ModelHow Many Come In PackSize Range AvailablePricing and Availability
Bosch ICON Windshield Wipers1 Wiper Blade13 - 28 InchesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Rain-X Latitude WIndshield Wipers1 Wiper Blade14 - 29 InchesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Rain-X Weatherbeater Windshield Wipers1 Wiper Blade12 - 28 InchesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Michelin Stealth Ultra Windshield Wipers1 Wiper Blade16 - 28 InchesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Bosch Aerotwin Windshield Wipers2 Wiper Blades24 InchesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Bosch Clear Advantage Windshield Wipers1 Wiper Blade13 - 28 InchesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
ANCO 31-Series Windshield Wipers1 Wiper Blade10 - 25 InchesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
AERO Voyager Windshield Wipers2 Wiper Blades13 - 28 InchesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
TRICO Force Windshield Wipers1 Wiper Blade14 - 29 InchesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Bosch Rear Wiper Windshield Wiper1 Wiper Blade14 InchesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability


1. Bosch ICON – Overall Best Windshield Wipers

Bosch ICON Windshield Wipers

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Bosch and Rain-X essentially rule the market when it comes to windshield wipers, so keep that in mind upon further reading into these reviews.

With the ICON 26A, you’re going to get the highest quality windshield wiper on the market. Keep in mind, the 26 in the model name, actually represents the actual length of the windshield wipers (26 inches).

These are created with an exclusive fx dual rubber that is capable of resisting the most extreme heat temperatures allowing for increased longevity in these windshield wipers. According to Bosch, they last approximately 40% longer than the standard brands.

With most windshield wipers, you’ll find that they are difficult to install. Bosch has included a Hook arm that is 9×3 and 9×4, which allows for an easy installation. It’s patented beam design with shielded connectors optimize the amount of visibility you have in extreme weather situations whether it be snow or rain.

The exclusive tension spring arcing technology will make sure that the windshield wiper will fit the natural contour of your windshield. This will provide a cleaner windshield as it covers more ground. With the flexible asymmetric spoiler, you can expect the Bosch ICON 26A windshield wiper to maintain its precision when traveling at a higher rate of speed, unlike many other competitors.

Considering the above, it is obvious why the Bosch ICON 26As are the best windshield wipers of 2018. You will be surprised at how much more rain they remove from your windshield.


2. Rain-X Latitude Windshield Wipers

Rain-X Latitude Windshield Wipers

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Rain-X is one of the other leading manufacturers of windshield wipers, and that doesn’t stop with the Latitude wiper blades.

Rain-X is very well known for producing a liquid that you can put on your windshield wiper that will push water beads off of it. So, you can expect their windshield wipers to do that in more depth.

That said, the Latitude windshield wipers are actually a 2-in-1. They are a wiper blade and water repellant. The wipers actually apply a Rain-X water repelling coat that will push water off. Let’s say it is sprinkling, and it isn’t enough to turn on your windshield wipers. Well, if you have already run the blades before, the applied coating will force the water beads off of your windshield.

The advanced beam blade technology equipped with these windshield wipers will ensure that the blades meet the natural contour of your windshield. This allows for more visibility in extreme weather conditions. Couple that with the water repelling coat, and you have quite the pair of windshield wipers.

It is obvious to us why these are considered some of the best windshield wipers. Keep in mind though, when purchasing these, they are sold in a pack of one. Otherwise, the Rain-X Latitude windshield wipers have absolutely zero cons.


3. Rain-X Weatherbeater Windshield Wipers

Rain-X Weatherbeater Windshield Wipers

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The Rain-X Weatherbeater windshield wipers are the original Rain-X blades. For over 15 years, these traditional windshield wipers are still widely known and trusted for their increased quality, and lifespan.

That said, they are created with a galvanized steel frame that aims to prevent corrosion, and rust while maintaining the durability, and strength of the windshield wipers. This, inherently, increases the longevity in which you can use them.

The natural rubber squeegee will resist cracking and splitting that is caused by the heat, cold, windshield wiper fluid, and salt. A lot of competitors and generic windshield wipers do not have the technology required to maintain use for a few months. A healthy windshield wiper means a healthy you. More visibility means less chance of an accident in extreme weather conditions.


4. Michelin Stealth Ultra Windshield Wipers

Michelin Stealth Ultra Windshield Wipers

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Michelin is a famously known manufacturer of tires, and boy are they good ones. However, they entered the windshield wiper game with the Michelin Stealth Ultra.

The Michelin Stealth Ultra windshield wipers aim to provide clear visibility while producing little-to-no sound. How often do you turn on your windshield wipers and experience that horrible noise of them rubbing against your windshield? Probably more often than not, and it can cause a sense of frustration that may take your mind off of more important things.

The smart hinge on the Michelin Stealth windshield wipers will allow the wiper to grip the windshield securely across the entire blade. This provides a cleaner windshield. Also, they are equipped with a patented cover that will protect the wipers from becoming clogged with snow, ice, leaves, and many other debris ensuring a longer lifespan.

The EZ-Lok connector system provides an easy installation, and replacement process making the Michelin Stealth Ultras, well, stealthy in every situation. Experience one of the best windshield wipers on the market, and never worry about the extreme weather again!


5. Bosch Aerotwin Windshield Wipers

Bosch Aerotwin Windshield Wipers

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The Bosch Aerotwin windshield wipers come in a pack. They are 24”, and 20” respectively. Many other windshield wipers only come with a single blade. The single blades are generally more expensive, and of higher quality, but the Aerotwin blades get the job done, on a budget.

In our testing, these removed even the smallest of water beads allowing for an edge in the visibility aspect. Even the smallest water droplets can affect your view out of the windshield. That said, why would you risk having any water on your windshield when a pair of windshield wipers can fix that issue?

They are developed with a high-grade, precision-cut natural rubber wiping edge. These windshield wipers proved to be incredibly durable under even the most strict weather engagements. Snow, sprinkle, or heavy rain, the Bosch Aerotwin windshield wipers will have you covered.


6. Bosch Clear Advantage Windshield Wipers

Bosch Clear Advantage Windshield Wipers

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The Bosch Clear Advantage windshield wipers are a great pair of budget windshield wipers. With easy installation due to the hook arm that they are included with, you can expect to be back on the road in no time.

They have reduced friction on the natural rubber wiping edge that will not only reduce the noise they create but will also increase the longevity and lifespan of the windshield wipers. We recommend replacing your windshield wipers once every couple of months for optimal performance when using a generic pair. However, with the best windshield wipers, you can expect fewer replacements.

The Bosch Clear Advantage windshield wipers have an aerodynamic wind spoiler that will improve the airflow which will increase downforce. This is important when going at faster speeds because generic wiper blends tend to lift-off of the windshield. At that point, the windshield wipers are basically useless.

Ultimately, if you’re in need of a fantastic pair of windshield wipers, you can’t go wrong with any Bosch product, especially the Bosch Clear Advantage model. More visibility can lead to fewer accidents, and that’s what we’re all trying to avoid. It only makes sense to me to pick up a pair of the best windshield wipers on the market.


7. ANCO 31-Series – Best Budget Windshield Wipers

ANCO 31-Series Windshield Wipers

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ANCO 31-series windshield wipers come in at number seven in our review of best windshield wipers of 2018. These are our top pick when on the market but on a budget. Keep in mind, though, they only come in a pack of one.

Constructed with DuraKlear exclusive rubber, you can expect a consistent streak-free wipe. I know we’ve all seen the streaks that the generic windshield wipers leave behind. How is that helping you get more visibility? Oh, that’s right, it isn’t. The point is to clear your windshield, not add more to it.

The Anco 31-series windshield wipers have a KwikConnect installation system that aims to provide a quick, and easy installation process. I’ve seen people in the Walmart parking lot trying to put their newly bought windshield wipers on, and can never figure it out. That’s because they are buying a subpar product. Don’t be like those people. Upgrade yourself to the best budget windshield wipers of 2018 in the ANCO 31-series. These are also available from 10” to 28” lengths, fitting any vehicle.


8. AERO Voyager All-Season Windshield Wipers

AERO Voyager All-Season Windshield Wipers

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The AERO Voyager windshield wipers aim to provide an all-season, visible windshield. If you’re in the likes of Florida, or California, where you don’t experience much snow, if any at all, these aren’t a great choice for you.

These windshield wipers are a direct OEM replacement that offers increased quality, durability, and lifespan. You can expect easy installation with the AERO Voyagers.

The specialty rubber on the blades delivers an incredibly smooth, clean, and streak-free wipe. Am I the only one that has ever experienced the disgusting dragging noise generic windshield wipers produce? Yeah, it didn’t take me long to switch to a pair of the best windshield wipers after experiencing that.

The aerodynamic and sleek design of the windshield wipers will reduce the drag, and noise as well. Their main benefit, though, is the increased downforce on the blades. This will prevent the blades from lifting off of the windshield when traveling at increased speeds. Available in all sizes for your vehicle, experience incredible visibility with the AERO Voyager windshield wipers.


9. TRICO Force High-Performance Windshield Wipers

TRICO Force High Performance Windshield Wipers

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The TRICO Force windshield wipers come in ranked 9th in our review of best windshield wipers of 2018. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, so if you’re worried they won’t fit your vehicle, they will. Just make sure you’re purchasing the correct size.

The HighGlide treated rubber with offer a smoother, and more quiet wipe on your windshield. No more experiencing the terrible dragging noise when your windshield wiper is starting to erode, or there isn’t enough rain to make it smooth.

Equipped with VorTec aerofoil, the windshield wipers will convert wind force for the maximum amount of windshield contact. With the patented swept-wing spoiler for additional downforce, you can expect these windshield wipers to stay on your windshield and not uplift when traveling at higher speeds. It is equipped with a SWIFT easy connection technology that proves to ease the installation process.

Overall, if you’re looking for a pair of reliable windshield wipers, these are a fantastic option.


10. Bosch Rear Wiper – Best Rear Window Windshield Wiper

Bosch Rear Wiper Windshield Wiper

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While the Bosch Rear wiper isn’t a multi-purpose windshield wiper, we figured it was appropriate to put this in our review. I am sure that many of our readers drive vans or trucks that require an additional windshield wiper.

The Bosch Rear wiper blades offer an OEM fit for special applications. You can expect these to be an easy installation with minimal reading into what sizes you need, and the quick click adapter that will simply snap the rear wiper onto the fixture.

Equipped with wear resistant natural rubber, you will see increased durability and longevity with the Bosch Rear wiper blade. This is important when considering how much you’re going to be using your windshield wipers. More use is obvious means for quicker replacements. You’re not going to want to equip a cheap pair of rear wiper blades; you’ll just end up spending more money in the long run.

With a specially coated wiping element that aims to provide you with a smooth, and quiet wipe, you will no longer find yourself listening to that dreadful dragging noise. To me, that stuff is the equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard. I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

If you’re looking for the best rear window windshield wiper, look no further than the Bosch products. They are the industry leader, and you will not have a bad experience with any Bosch product. You owe it to yourself.

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