Best Shower Head To Transform Your Shower Into A Luxury Spa

Shower heads are important in our every-day life. Whether it be to get clean, or to just enjoy a nice hot shower, and relax, you should consider purchasing one of the best shower heads on the market. They aren’t to be taken for granted. I mean, think about it; you use your shower every single day. Personally, I don’t put a price tag on something that is used in my everyday life, and I can justify spending a little bit of money on it; even a shower head!

If you are tired of a shower that is consistently producing a weak sprinkle, instead of an incredibly relaxing, and invigorating experience, say no more. The best shower heads, that provide a strong, and even flow have been put together for you. We highly recommend you start your day out right with a nice, relaxing shower, and you’re not going to get that out of a sub-par shower head. Indulge yourself!


Shower HeadRainfall StyleNumber of SettingsDetachable Shower HeadPricing and Availability
AKDY 9" Quad Function Shower HeadYes4 SettingsYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Aquafaucet 10" Stainless Steel LED Shower HeadYes1 SettingNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head
Yes1 SettingNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
ShowerMaxx 6 Spray Setting Shower HeadNo6 SettingsYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
6-Way Adjustable Arm High Pressure Shower HeadYes1 SettingNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
1432 3-Way Shower Head
Yes7 SettingsYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
HotelSpa Giant 10" Stainless Steel Shower HeadYes1 SettingNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
24 Function Shower Head
No24 SettingsYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
AquaDance High Pressure Handheld Shower HeadNo6 SettingsYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
AquaDance 7" 3-Way Shower HeadYes6 SettingsNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability


1. AKDY 9” Rectangular Quad Function Rainfall – Overall Best Shower Head

AKDY 9 Inch Rainfall Shower Head

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The AKDY 9” is a multi-function shower head. These functions include a high-efficiency rainfall spray, a hydrating jet, and a waterfall. With each of these functions, you can experience a different shower each day.

The high-efficiency rainfall, and waterfall are typical in each shower head. These allow for a super relaxed, and comfortable shower. If you’re like me, you are capable of sitting in a perfect pressurized downfall of the appropriate water temperature for at least an hour. While that’s not ideal for your water usage (2.5 gallons/minute), it certainly is comfortable. The hydrating jet feature of this shower head allows for a more thorough clean. Let’s say you’re a construction worker, and you have a hard time getting the dirt and grime off of your body. Simply switch to the hydrating jet to allow for more pressure when showering.

The easy adjustable shower head allows for multiple angles on your overhead fixture. If you’re more of a wand type of person, this shower head is equipped with a generous 5” highly flexible stainless steel hose allowing for a more detailed clean.

The AKDY 9” shower head is equipped with 118 high-efficiency nozzles with 6 high-powered jets. The wand has 60 nozzles, and a single waterfall outlet. With as many nozzles, you can expect a lower water pressure as they’re so spread out. Each person is different, though. If you have super sensitive skin, we highly recommend this shower head. It has a standard ½” hose connection, that allows for easy hand tightening. Expect delivery, and a two minute setup with this shower head.

Equipped with 4 different adjustable water modes, you will be able to focus on higher, or lower water pressure. Experience the most satisfying shower with the AKDY 9” shower head.


2. Aquafaucet 10” Stainless Steel Square – Best LED Shower Head

Aquafaucet 10 Inch LED Shower Head

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Aquafaucet 10” stainless steel shower head is likely the most fascinating one on our list. Equipped with a LED shower light, you can expect to be showering in style. The color on the shower head will actually change depending on the temperature of your shower. We enjoyed messing around with this one, and turned the water hot-to-cold over and over to experience a tiny rave. These colors range from blue, purple, pink, and red for when it’s hot.

Constructed with stainless steel, you can expect this shower head to be durable, and reliable. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to a fault shower head. Approximately 10×10”, it features 196 individual spray nozzles allowing for a very nurturing shower. The shower head does indeed pivot, so you can adapt it perfectly to your shower.
The biggest complaint we’ve found with this shower head, is how big it is. While it takes up a lot of space in your shower, the water pressure of it is much lower than that of a 4v4” shower head. Keep this in mind when purchasing, but if you are into more of a rainfall, and comfortable shower rather than insane pressure, this shower head is the perfect fit for your restroom.


3. Colomore Modern High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head

Colomore Modern High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head

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The Colomore shower head is a brand new model as of 2018. With significantly less spray nozzles than most other shower heads, you can expect a very high-pressure shower.

Constructed with stainless steel, you can forget about rust, peeling, or corrosion. The stainless steel shower head also has a very nice, and sleek design that is easy on the eyes. I actually had to update my shower head to this version, because my previous one was starting to gather a build up, and not all of the spray nozzles were working as intended. Construction of shower heads is often undervalued. Think about it, you use it every single day.

With the Colomore shower head, expect to have to clean it less. The self-cleaning rubber nozzles it is equipped with, will clean themselves. The shower head is capable of handling lower, and higher water pressure. So, if you’re worried about performance due to high water pressure, don’t be. Just make sure it is screwed on tightly.

Equipped with teflon tape that removes the leaking of most shower heads, you can expect a consistent water pressure. It also has a swivel adapter that will allow you to get the perfect angle based on your height.


4. ShowerMaxx Premium 6 Spray Setting Shower Head

ShowerMaxx 6 Spray Setting Shower Head

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The ShowerMaxx Premium 6 shower is extremely popular with good reason. While it may not be the most powerful shower head, it does offer quite a bit of versatility.

It is constructed with stainless steel for maximum durability, and has a chrome hand-held finish. This will allow the shower head to match any bathroom. No more searching hours, and hours for the most comfortable, affordable, and best looking shower head for your restroom. Keep in mind it has an adjustable ball joint allowing for easy adjustment to get the perfect angle.

It has a luxury spa detachable hand wand that will allow you to get even the most hidden areas of your body! We found this essential in purchasing this shower head. Too often you try to give your children, or pets a clean, and have to use a bath. Well, the ShowerMaxx hand wand has a convenient 4.92 ft hose that is capable of being stretched to an incredible 6.56 ft alleviating the trouble.

With an industry-low 2.5 gallons per minute, you can expect very little water to go to waste. However, you can remove the flow restrictor allowing for the high-pressure jets to provide a much more strong water pressure.


5. 6-Way Adjustable Arm High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head

6 Way Adjustable Arm Rainfall Shower Head

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The 6-way 9.5” adjustable shower head is a very generic model, but it works very well. With less spray nozzles (109) than a lot of the top shower heads on the list, it will offer you a high pressure rainfall type of shower.

Easy to install out of the box, you can expect to have this shower head running within a few minutes. It is equipped with an industry standard ½” attachment that only requires to be screwed on. It offers a lot of movement, providing you with that optimal shower which will provide you the most comfortable clean. This shower head has a full spray pattern allowing for total body coverage with no gaps, or annoying holes causing certain body parts to be colder than others.

The 6-way shower head has a built-in flow regulator allowing it to maintain even flow distribution. The high-pressure performance coupled with the 6-way adjustable arm allow for an incredible showering experience.


6. DreamSpa 1432 3-Way Rainfall Shower Head and Handheld Shower

DreamSpa 1432 3-Way Rainfall Shower Head

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With perhaps the most interesting design, is the DreamSpa 1432 shower head. This baby is equipped with two totally different shower heads, that both serve different purposes; but, they can also be used simultaneously which creates an incredible experience no other shower head offers.

The main one, approximately 7”, is considered an ultra-luxury rainfall shower head. This provides you with an incredibly relaxing shower, that you won’t want to get out of. I know I love staying in the shower for longer periods of time. No one bothering you, and it is just an amazing feeling.

The second, is a 4” chrome high-power hand wand with seven different settings. These settings are power rain, pulsating massage, hydro-mist, eco rain, rain/mist, rain/massage, and water-saving. A different setting for every possible situation. If you’re in California, the water-saving mode is especially useful. The hand wand is equipped with a generous 5-ft flexible stainless steel hose allowing for access to all areas of the body.

Certainly the most dynamic shower head on our list, you can expect the DreamSpa 1432 to provide you a showering experience you won’t want to ever end.


7. HotelSpa Giant 10” Stainless Steel Square Rainfall Shower Head

HotelSpa Giant Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower Head

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The HotelSpa Giant 10” shower head is exactly that, giant. This device is designed specifically for a rainfall feel. The rainfall feel is perhaps the most relaxing design of all shower heads, and rightfully so. There’s nothing like a constant stream of healthy water pressure on your head and back to start your morning off.

Equipped with 100 spray nozzles, you can expect to see increased water flow coverage. The easy-to-clean jets allow lower the chance of build-up on each nozzle reducing the chance of a nozzle going out. Constructed with stainless steel, and an ultra-thin, but durable profile, you will experience one of the best showers you’ve ever had with this shower head.

Tool-free installation per the ½” connector, expect to be up and running with your new shower head within minutes. If you are looking for a rainfall feel in your restroom, we highly recommend the HotelSpa Giant: luxury at it’s finest.


8. Hydroluxe 24 Function 2-in-1 Shower Head

Hydroluxe 24 Function Shower Head

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The HydroLuxe 24 shower head is our pick for a high pressure product. With significantly less spray nozzles, and twenty-four different water flow patterns, you can expect variety while maintaining a great, high-pressure water flow.

I found that when using this shower head, that my back actually became sore because the pressure was so high. If you’re someone with sensitive skin, I highly doubt you’re going to enjoy the experience of this shower head. However, for the thick-skinned individuals, you won’t be disappointed.

It does actually have two different shower heads that are capable of being run together, on different water flow patterns. This allows for a unique experience found only within the Hydroluxe 24. Do you want rainfall, and high pressure? This shower head will deliver that experience.

The second head is also doubled as a hand wand, with a 5-ft, super flexible stainless steel hose that is good for cleaning your pets, and children. Power Rain, massage, stay-warm mist, water-saving patterns, the Hydroluxe 24 shower head has it all and more. One of the best budget shower head on the market, we highly recommend it.


9. AquaDance High Pressure 6 Setting Handheld Shower Head

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The AquaDance high-pressure shower head is the main competitor to the Hydroluxe 24. You can expect it to provide an extremely consistent high-pressure water flow allowing for the dirtiest, and most grimey people to get the best clean. We’re talking to the construction workers, by the way.

Designed, and rigorously tested by the AquaDance team of shower head experts, you will be satisfied with the quality, and performance standards. They aren’t capable of allowing a poor product onto the market. That is why we love in-house testing rather than third-party testing.

The shower head also doubles as a shower wand. The wand has a generous 5-ft stainless steel hose allowing you to reach the most difficult areas of the body. It has a click lever dial allowing for different water patterns, as well as an ergonomic grip handle allowing you to maintain control while showering. The rub-clean jets on this shower head will ensure that you don’t have to clean it as it does that itself.

Overall, with incredibly high-pressure water power, and it’s easy installation process, we highly recommend the AquaDance shower head.


10. AquaDance 7” Premium 3-way Rainfall Combo Shower Head

AquaDance 7 Inch 3 Way Rainfall Shower Head

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Last, but certainly not least, the AquaDance 7” 3-way shower head is a doozy. This shower head has the best of both worlds. A high-pressure head, as well as a rainfall head. Yes, I said two different shower heads, in one single deal. Incredible, right? The equipped rub-clean jets will ensure an easy cleanup, and prevent lime buildup. Lime buildup affects the spray nozzles, and may completely cover them causing a huge difference in body coverage.

Each of the shower head has six different settings. These include power rain, a pulsating massage, power mist, a rain massage, rain mist, and a water saving pause mode. Equipped with a patented 3-way water diverter, you can simply turn a switch to direct water flow between each shower head. They are both equipped with anti-swivel capabilities allowing you to get the perfect angle for your shower. It does come included with a shower hose as well.

There is absolutely no reason to have a plumber come out and install this. It is quite literally as easy as screwing the shower head connector onto the pole in your bathroom, and you’re done. While it may be more slightly expensive than other shower heads, the AquaDance 7” 3-way is well worth the money, and deserves a chance at providing you with a relaxing shower.


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