Best Pre Workout To Help Get The Most Of Your Routine

When working out, you want to consider purchasing one of the best pre workouts on the market. Pre workouts provide an incredible amount of benefits, and are widely considered as one of the most important supplements when considering growth, and recovery rates.

With each pre workout providing a different benefit for each person, as we are all different, we have offered a wide variety in our reviews of best pre workouts of 2018. With that said, make sure you are actively reading into each different pre workout. Just because the tub says “EXPLOSIVE PUMP”, “MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED”, doesn’t mean it is going to happen. That is a simple, and overlooked advertising tactic. When taking any pre workout, you are going to have to actively work out to experience the true benefits. You’re not going to get gains if you’re taking the supplement, and not working out.

The extreme focus, and increased energy from a pre workout will allow you to push yourself harder in the gym, breaking your previous personal records. If you’re looking to step up your game, we highly recommend a pre workout which is why we’ve put together a list including the best, of the best.


Pre WorkoutServings Per ContainerNitric Oxide BoosterContains CreatinePricing and Availability
Cellucor C4 Pre Workout Mix60 ServingsYesYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
SHEER N.O. Pre Workout Capsules30 ServingsYesNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout30 ServingsYesNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Pre Workout65 ServingsNoNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
PRE-KAGED Pre Workout Powder20 ServingsYesYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
JYM Supplement Science Pre Workout Mix30 ServingsYesYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
N.O. Pro Pre Workout Mix with Beet Root30 ServingsYesNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Legion Pulse All Natural Pre Workout21 ServingsYesNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Pro Supps Mr. Hyde Intense Energy Pre Workout30 ServingsNoYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
DIOXYME M.P.O. Physicial Formulated Pre Workout30 ServingsNoYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability


1. Cellucor C4 – Overall Best Pre Workout

Cellucor C4 Best Pre Workout

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While synephrine may still not be an ingredient within Cellucor C4 pre workout anymore, it still packs a punch, and is our best pre workout of 2018. Blended with creatine, nitric oxide, and beta alanine, you can expect a longer-lasting pump, as well as increased endurance. Exactly what you need in a pre workout.

Where many pre workouts may have terrible flavors, Cellucor continues to raise the bar with unbeatable flavors. Never struggle with taking your pre workout again. The C4 original provides you with explosive energy, heightened focus, and a incredible motivation to tackle anything thrown your way, most importantly, your workout.

If you are looking to step up your workout, look no further than the Cellucor C4 pre workout. Best endurance, and pump on a budget.


2. SHEER N.O. – Best Nitric Oxide Pre Workout

SHEER N.O. Pre Workout

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SHEER N.O. pre workout is proven to increase muscle growth, as well as strength when coupled with an amazing workout. No pre workout is going to instantly make you stronger, especially when not working out, which is a common misconception; similar to that of steroids.

Blended with L-Arginine to boost your nitric oxide levels, you will experience a better blood flow allowing for a wide variety of nutrients to be delivered throughout your body. This, naturally, will increase the ability for your muscle’s to grow, and increase their endurance. Nitric oxide will offer that extra pump that people look for so much in their pre workouts per the extra blood flow to your muscles.

A drawback with SHEER pre workout, though, is that they don’t share their formula. Simply put, you are unsure of what you are putting within your body, and many people are super against that. However, when testing this, we did receive and incredible pump that proved to provide us with a better workout.


3. GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout

GAT Nitraflex Pre Workout

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Clinically proven to increase your bench press by 5-10 lbs in two weeks, the GAT Nitraflex pre workout promises quite a bit, on a budget. Keep in mind, though, you’re not going to increase your bench if you never bench. I’m sure it seems a bit silly to say that, but you’d be surprised at what people believe.

GAT Nitraflex pre workout focus on hyperemia. If you’re unfamiliar, this is the increase of blood flow to different organs, and muscles of your body. While exercising, your heart and muscles require more oxygen. Blood will rush to these organs to supply extra oxygen, allowing for that pump that we so desire in our pre workouts.

GAT is creatine-free. A lot of people are against creatine for a few different reasons. However, as with anything, too much of one thing is bad for you; it doesn’t change with creatine. This pre workout aims to provide a healthy boost in muscle growth, and strength while maintaining the pump that you often look for.


4. Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Pre Workout with Green Tea & Green Coffee

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Optimum Nutrition pre workout is different in the sense that it offers caffeine through Green Tea, and Green Coffee. These are all-natural sources, that are commonly used in other products for a boost in caffeine. They are used to deliver focus, and energy at any given point.

Generally speaking, you will only want to take this pre workout for your morning workouts. If you’re like me, you don’t take in a lot of caffeine, and if you take it too late in the day, you’ll find yourself up for hours past your bedtime; that isn’t healthy.

With each serving, you are receiving 5 grams of free form amino acid. Free form means that the amino acids are already separated, and are not required to be digested. If they don’t have to be digested, they will be immediately absorbed by the body. Hence, the term pre workout.

If you’re looking for a great early-morning pump, look no further than Optimum pre workout.


5. PRE-KAGED Pre Workout Powder

Pre-Kaged Pre Workout Mix

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PRE-KAGED pre workout aims to increase your energy and focus first and foremost, among other things. If you are more focused, and have more energy, you’re going to experience a better workout, no?

This pre-workout packs 6.5g of Pure L-Citrulline that aims to increase vascular blood flow for powerful muscle pumps that everyone is looking for. I’ve experienced quite a few different pre workouts, and whenever I try a new one, that doesn’t offer the pump, i immediately dump it. I mean, what’s the point? The pump makes you feel… invincible.

The rapidly dissolving branch chain amino acids (BCAAs), are the leading anabolic group of amino acids. These are essential in the recovery, and growth of your muscles. These amino acids work both individually, and synergistically allowing for an incredible workout.

PRE-KAED pre workout is third-party tested to ensure that they are free of banned substances. Fully transparent ingredient label on the tub ensures you know exactly what you are putting within your body.

Branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) are the most anabolic group of amino acids critical for muscle fuel, recovery, and growth. These amino acids consist of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine; and each can assist your workout needs both independently and synergistically


6. JYM Supplement Science Pre Workout Mix

JYM Supplement Science Pre Workout

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JYM pre workouts is the original large-scoop preworkout. Unfortunately, as time has gone on, it has gone a bit downhill as it hasn’t improved upon it’s formula. It is still, however, one of the most recommended pre workouts for beginners as they fully disclose the list of ingredients within the pre workout.

You can expect high energy, a great pump, and increased durance with this pre workout. Formulated with fast-dissolving BCAAs, you can expect the it to go into action quite quickly. In our testing, we experienced no crash like many other supplements which was a huge benefit to us. With many other pre workouts, you find yourself having to eat a nice meal afterwards to maintain your energy per the obscure stimulants they are developed with.

Overall, JYM pre workout is a great beginners supplement per its safeness, and effectiveness for the price.


7. N.O. Pro Pre Workout Mix with Beet Root

N.O. Pro Pre Workout Mix

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N.O. Pro pre workout aims to offer the most euphoric pump sensation out of all pre workouts. You know, when an incredible amount of oxygen, and nutrient-rich blood flows to the muscles in need. Yeah, that’s the pump. You just thought the pump happened because you took a magical potion? Well, sort of.

Where a lot of other pre workouts incorporate a lot of interesting, and potentially harmful ingredients, N.O. Pro remains vegan with non-gmo ingredients. They added the power of the beet root, which allows for an increase of nitric oxide that provides more oxygen, and blood to the necessary organs when working out.

In our reviews, this pre workout offered the best pump out of any of its competitors.


8. Legion Pulse All Natural Pre Workout Supplement

Legion Pulse All Natural Pre Workout

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The Legion Pulse pre workout is an up and comer in the industry. While it may not be as popular as the likes of Cellucor quite yet, it is getting there. With naturally sweeteners, and flavors, you can expect a healthy, and tasty pre workout. No more dreading the disgusting taste of amino acids with horrible flavors.

Included in the formula, are citrulline, anhydrous caffeine, ornithine that allow for increased endurance, and energy. Be careful with the caffeine, though; especially if you are someone that doesn’t drink much of it. You may find the first few weeks on this pre workout a bit difficult to sleep unless you take it in the mornings.

With natural ingredients, you will not have to experience a huge crash after your workout, or jitters. I’ve been there a few times. The only thing that made the jitters go away, was eating immediately after the workout. The beta-alanine incorporated into the formula will greatly improve your performance, as well.

Expect increased endurance, a great pump, with an all natural pre workout supplement in Legion Pulse.


9. Pro Supps Mr. Hyde Intense Energy Pre Workout Powder

Pro Supps Mr. Hyde Intense Energy Pre Workout Powder

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Pro Supps Mr. Hyde is one that could arguably way higher on the list of best pre workouts of 2018. It is gaining immense popularity throughout the workout industry, but we need a bit more convincing in our tests for a few reasons.

Our biggest qualm with Mr. Hyde pre workout, is that is such a strong stimulant. This has the potential to cause jitters, and a crash after a workout unless you are careful. If you are looking for the huge pump, and energy, we recommend a try, though.

For it’s super low price, you are receiving 400mg of caffeine, a 2.5 gram dose of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, and Agmatine Sulfate to offer you a ridiculous pump. With 30 true servings, you are receiving an incredible amount of pre workout. We actually recommend potentially taking lower servings to increase the longevity of this incredibly strong stimulant.

Mr. Hyde pre workout is available in nine different flavors: Blue Razz, Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Berry Blast, Cherry Bomb, Cotton Candy, Green Apple, Mango Passion Fruit and Orange Blast. I can’t imagine you dislike all of these options.


10. DIOXYME M.P.O. Physician Formulated Pre Workout Mix

DIOXYME Physician Formulated Pre Workout Mix

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DIOXYME M.P.O pre workout is determined to increase your strength. It offers optimal doses of Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Alanine, HICA, HMB and Phosphatidic acid allowing you, synergistically, to power through each and every workout, day in, and day out.

In our review, we felt stronger from the first scoop. I actually surpassed a few of my personal bests in bench, and squats. The next day, I recovered so quickly I was actually surprised that I wasn’t sore. The only thing I changed, was using the DIOXYME pre workout. Previously, I had been using Legion Pulse. Both pre workouts excel in different areas.

This preworkout is strictly third-party tested ensuring that there are no banned substances in the formula. However, if you are against creatine, we recommend staying away from this pre workout.

If you’re looking to increase your strength, we highly recommend DIOXYME pre workout.


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