The Best Flea Treatment For Dogs To Keep Your Pup Healthy And Safe

Let’s face it, fleas are apart of dog owner’s lives, and it is always going to be that way. While we can certainly control it with the best flea treatments, they aren’t going to go away. More often than not, as soon as fall hits, assuming you’re in an area that actually has seasons like me, they magically show up. This is due to them not being able to survive the cold without the proper insulation; and that, unfortunately, is our lovable companions.

Flea medication comes in many different forms, and I have found over the years what works best for my doggies, as well as myself. I don’t mean that I have fleas, mind you, I just mean that I prefer and see different results based on the different applications.


Name of Dog Flea TreatmentType of TreatmentKills Eggs?Pricing and Availability
Bayer Seresto Flea CollarFlea CollarNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Small DogsTopical Flea TreatmentYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Novartis Capstar Flea Control TabletsOral Capsule Flea TreatmentNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Bayer K9 Advantix II Flea Treatment for Large DogsTopical Flea TreatmentNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
SENTRY Capguard Oral Flea ControlOral Capsule Flea TreatmentNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Paws and Pals Natural Dog Flea ShampooFlea ShampooNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Frontline Plus Topical Flea Treatment for Medium DogsTopical Flea TreatmentYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Flea and Tick Treatment
Topical Flea TreatmentNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Adams Plus Flea and Tick ShampooFlea ShampooYesCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Safari Double Row Flea Comb for DogsFlea CombNoCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability


First, and foremost, is the topical flea medication for dogs. This is widely considered the most popular, safest flea treatment. These are the ones that come in the triangular-shaped containers you have to cut the tip off of, that you’re going to be using monthly. This flea treatment is liquid-based and performs similarly to that of powders. While they have a varying range of success depending on the weight of your dog, you can expect it to take care of most fleas, and lice.

Second, and my favorite form of flea treatment, is flea pills. These are incredibly safe, and easy to use. They typically last for a few months, and I simply put one of the flea pills in my dog’s morning bowl of food. The only issue with flea pills, however, is that you generally need to get them directly from the veterinarian as they often require a prescription. That said, if the professionals are using them, you can expect them to work pretty darn well. They aim to totally eliminate fleas by killing of their eggs as well. Topical flea treatments usually kill the actual fleas, but aren’t capable of killing the eggs which causes the fleas to naturally come back after birth.

Last, but not least, are flea collars. Flea collars are generally used to prevent parasites from even jumping on your dog. You don’t have to kill any fleas, if your dog doesn’t have any, right? While some flea collars are used for pure prevention, some of them do have the ability to kill fleas. These will release chemicals into your dog’s skin so that when the fleas bite the dog, they become infected, and die. One upside of these, however, is that they are very good at preventing ticks. Given that most ticks go for the face, and neck area, and that is where the collar is located, you can expect your dogs to be tick-free with a preventative collar.

Honorable mention is flea shampoo. We don’t recommend this for use by itself as it generally only kills fleas and not their eggs. Those pesky little parasites will end up coming back. Make sure you’re considering this when purchasing a flea shampoo.

With all of that said, we have taken it upon ourselves as loving dog owners, to review the best flea treatment for dogs of 2018. Keep your dogs healthy this fall, and winter season!


1. Bayer Seresto – Best Flea Collar For Dogs

Bayer Serest Best Dog Flea Collar

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First in our review of best flea treatment for dogs of 2018, is the Bayer Serseto flea collar. It just so happens that if you prevent fleas from hopping on your dog, they won’t become infected, and a topical, or pill flea treatment won’t even be necessary. However, this particular flea collar is also capable of killing the fleas. They are not “required” to bite your dog to be killed.

The Bayer Seresto flea collar is capable of preventing fleas for up to 8 months. It is easy-to-use, doesn’t have a greasy leftover spot, and is odorless. These are recommended by many veterinarians. If your dog is a swimmer, no worries, the flea collar is totally water-resistant so there is no need for removing it.

Overall, for the price and how long it prevents fleas on your dog, it is a steal. This is why it is ranked as the best flea treatment for dogs of 2018. Kinda hard to beat never getting fleas, right? Keep in mind when purchasing this flea collar though, that it is created for larger breeds.


2. Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control – Best Flea Treatment For Small Dogs

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control For Small Dogs

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Frontline is likely the most famous brand of flea treatment for dogs of all sizes. This is a topical flea treatment (liquid form), that you have to apply to the dog’s shoulder blades all the way down their back, to the tail. It is created for dogs between 5 to 22 pounds and is not capable of being used on other animals (very important).

You can expect the Frontline topical flea treatment to kill 98 to 100% of all fleas, eggs, larvae, and ticks on your dog. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend coupling this with a flea shampoo (use shampoo prior to the addition of this product).

This package comes with 3 applications, that will last a total of 3 months (1 each month). Do not apply more than one application per each month.

If you’re sick of those pesky parasites in fleas, we highly recommend Frontline Plus topical flea treatment as it ranks second in our review of best flea treatments for dogs of 2018.


3. Novartis Capstar – Best Flea Control Tablets

Novartis Capstar Best Flea Control Tablets

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As mentioned previously, I am a huge fan of flea pills as I find they are most effective, and safe. That said, Novartis Capstar flea tablets are the first ones in our review. They are available for both small, and large breeds (make sure you pay attention to that when purchasing). These different flea tablets range from 2-25 lbs and over 25 lbs.

Novartis claims that the fleas will die within four hours of being taken in by your dog. We found that the fleas were all dead within twenty-four hours. Afterwards, I gave my dog a nice bath in a flea shampoo. You’d be surprised how many of those buggers hide on your dog. Luckily, they were all dead!

This package contains 6 total flea tablets but is capable of being bought in a package of 60 if you have multiple dogs. Keep in mind, however, it will not prevent further fleas from hatching on your dog, it only kills the adult fleas. If you need a preventative after the fact, we highly recommend the Bayer Seresto flea collar.


4. Bayer K9 Advantix II – Best Flea Treatment For Large Dogs

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Bayer K9 Advantix II flea treatment is both a preventative and a parasite killer. It is a more traditional topical flea treatment, which has its fair share of pros and cons. We found this to be the most consistent form of flea treatment, however.

It will kill fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes through contact. A lot of flea treatments require a bite to occur. Fleas and ticks are both capable of carrying very harmful diseases, and parasites. They can introduce those to your lovable dogs with a single bite. The no biting shouldn’t be overlooked for this very reason.

This particular package is for dogs over 55 lbs but is capable of being bought for every different breed, large or small. Equipped with 6 different applications, that are usable on dogs or puppies 7 weeks or older. Each application will last approximately a month so make sure you’re re-applying after the 30 days are over.

Overall, Bayer K9 Advantix II topical flea treatment is at the top of the industry and should be considered when purchasing a flea killer.


5. SENTRY Capguard Oral Flea Control Medication For Dogs

Sentry Capguard Oral Flea Control Medication

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SENTRY Capguard oral flea tablets is possibly the fastest acting flea treatment on the market today. This product will begin killing fleas within 30 minutes of intake. They are for oral use, so we recommend sliding one into your dog’s bowl of food for easy delivery. A single tablet is capable of removing all the fleas on your dog’s body and will last up to 30 days.

With the flea tablets, you don’t have to worry about the mess, or greasy spot left on the back of your dog. I also find it hard to keep my dog still when I am trying to apply the flea treatment. I have German Shepherds so they don’t really enjoy being told to sit still; they’re too energetic. This is probably why I am such a fan of the flea tablets and pills.


6. Paws & Pals – Best Natural Dog Flea Control Shampoo

Paws and Pals Natural Dog Flea Shampoo

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The Paws & Pals Natural flea shampoo is the closest thing we’ve come to seeing a legitimate flea prevention shampoo. Generally speaking, shampoos usually only kill the fleas, and not the eggs. While killing the eggs is nice, it doesn’t prevent the issue. As soon as those eggs hatch, you’re going to have to give your dog another bath; and, we know how much dogs usually hate baths, right?

We highly recommend using this product with either a water-free topical flea treatment or flea tablets. Those, coupled with this, will provide a better treatment. An added benefit of the shampoo, though, is that you have to give your dog a bath, and they will come out smelling amazing!


7. Frontline Plus – Best Flea And Tick Treatment For Medium Dogs

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Medium Dogs

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Frontline Plus 23-44 lbs flea treatment is one of the best topical flea treatments of 2018. This particular package comes with a six month supply. You’re going to want to apply one each month for maximum effectiveness.

This topical flea treatment will completely remove fleas, flea eggs, lice, as well as ticks, making it an all-purpose product. Competing flea treatments usually only cover the flea aspect so we highly recommend this product if you’re in an area where these other parasites exist. I have some woods behind my house, and just recently had a tick on my youngest dog, and it was not a fun situation.

Keep your dog healthy with Frontline Plus topical flea treatment!


8. PetArmor Flea & Tick Treatment For Dogs

PetArmor Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

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PetArmor flea treatment is another all-purpose treatment. It allows protection and is capable of killing fleas as well as ticks. It is a topical flea treatment, which means you will have to apply this from your dog’s shoulder blades, all the way down to its tail. This tends to leave a greasy trail of liquid behind on your dog, but this will go away within hours. Make sure you don’t let your dog lick the flea treatment off of his or her back!

PetArmor considers it one of the fastest acting topical flea treatments on the market. It begins working in as little as one hour. If you’re like me, you hate seeing your dog in discomfort and will do whatever it takes to get rid of those fleas as quickly as possible. Especially with a tick, as they are capable of carrying Lyme disease which is potentially fatal to your dog! No thanks.

Let PetArmor’s flea treatment protect your best friend today! Keep in mind when purchasing, this flea treatment is available for 44 and over, as well as 5-22 lb dogs.


9. Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo For Dogs

Adams Plus Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs

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We highly recommend Adams Plus flea shampoo for a replacement for traditional treatments. There’s been a lot of cases out there where a flea treatment actually has caused more harm than good. You don’t know what chemicals they are putting into those products, which in turn are either digested by your dog or absorbed by their skin. Plus, they don’t give you that incredible smell that a shampoo will.

This flea shampoo will kill fleas, ticks, flea eggs, flea larvae, as well as lice ensuring that you’re covered on all bases. We do, however, recommend coupling this with the Bayer Seresto flea collar for maximum effectiveness. The shampoo will ensure all fleas are dead while the flea collar will prevent flea infestation.


10. Safari Double Row – Best Dog Flea Comb

Safari Double Row Flea Comb for Dogs

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While the Safari Double Row flea comb won’t necessarily kill fleas, it will ensure that the fleas and other various debris are removed from your dog’s body, and fur. It is highly recommended to be used after a flea shampoo, or flea powder. We recommend the Adams Plus flea shampoo with this product for maximum effectiveness.

It also serves to identify skin and coat problems. If your dog is having trouble growing fur on a certain area of their body, you can use the flea comb to get a better look. Personally, my dogs a lot of fur being German Shepherds, so a tool allowing me to more easily part their hair is essential in figuring out a problem. It is also very good in detecting flaky skin in the early stages.

The Safari Double Row flea comb is capable of being used on any size of dog breed, large or small, and will not hurt your dog by any means. In fact, when I used this product, my dogs wouldn’t leave me alone; they would go and pick up the flea comb, and come back for a nice scrub!

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