Best Coffee Grinder For The Perfect Morning Cup

There’s nothing better than an amazing cup of coffee, and if you know anything on the subject, you know having your own coffee grinder is going to offer you a better cup of Joe. When considering one, however, you shouldn’t aim for a cheap one, but rather one of the best coffee grinders on the market.

Coffee tends to lose it’s flavor relatively quickly, which is why coffee enthusiasts recommend only buying fresh beans if you’re going to be making your own. However, you can’t do anything with said beans unless you have a coffee grinder. A good coffee grinder is going to grind your beans to an appropriate size allowing you to get the most flavor out of your beans. While some may argue that grinding is less efficient, although they may be right, it is only going to take 30 seconds, to a minute. 30 seconds to a minute, for a 50x better cup of coffee. I think you’re going to be okay, Billy.

Coffee grinders range from incredibly cheap, to ridiculously expensive; and, you can tell when you have a cheap coffee grinder. We have done an immense amount of research, as we are all coffee enthusiasts here, and have put together a list of the best coffee grinders of 2018 for your viewing pleasure.

Did I mention how much money you’re going to safe in the long run? I drink a lot of coffee, and I’ll buy a big bag of beans that will last me 1.5 weeks for $15. You’ll spend $15 in three days at Starbucks, for a worse cup of coffee.


Coffee Grinder ModelManual or AutomaticConical BurrsConsistency of GrindPricing and Availability
Baratza 586 VirtuosoAutomaticYesHighCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
JavaPresse Coffee Company GrinderManualYesHighCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Hamilton Beach Fresh GrindAutomaticNoMediumCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Breville Smart Grinder ProAutomaticYesHighCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Mr. Coffee 18 Setting Coffee GrinderAutomaticYesHighCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
KitchenAid BCG1110B Coffee GrinderAutomaticNoMediumCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee GrinderAutomaticYesHighCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Capresso 560.01 Infinity Coffee GrinderAutomaticYesHighCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme GrindAutomaticYesMediumCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability
Hario Skerton Ceramic Manual Coffee GrinderManualYesMediumCheck Amazon Pricing and Availability


1. Baratza 586 Virtuoso – Overall Best Coffee Grinder

Baratza 586 Virtuoso Coffee Grinder

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Baratza is known for being a leader in the coffee grinding industry. The 586 Virtuoso coffee grinder is a burr grinder, equipped with professional-grade 40mm conical burrs. If you’re unfamiliar, it has more of a propeller type blade that allows for a different sort of grind. The finesse of the bean is directly related to how long you allow the grinder, to grind. The longer it goes, the finer the bean will become.

The Virtuoso is in a class of its own. With the burr, it’ll offer a particle size uniformity that will consistently give you the same grind from cup, to cup. This is important when considering that a perfect cup of coffee, can mean a great start to your day.

The secret to the Virtuoso coffee grinder is within the technology. The DC motor it is equipped with, maintains cool during extended grind times, while the combined electric and gear speeds reduce the burr to 450 RPM. This allows for a smooth bean feed that reduces the noise, heat, and static buildup in comparison to other coffee grinders.

With a convenient front-mounted pulse button, you can grind directly into an espresso filter basket. The 60-second time allows for a grind that is easily replicable. The Virtuoso coffee grinder, with it’s sleek and sexy design, will spice up your kitchen with its elegant image. Add class, quality, and an amazing cup of coffee to your kitchen.

The Baratza 586 Virtuoso is easily the best coffee grinder of 2018 with all of these features. The price may be expensive, but consider the amount of money you’re going to save in the long run. Also, you can’t put a price on a cup of good coffee.


2. JavaPresse Coffee Company Grinder – Best Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Coffee Company Manual Coffee Grinder

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The JavaPresse coffee grinder is a manual grinder. If you’re one that enjoys constantly moving and working, this is the coffee grinder for you. Who knew you could get such satisfaction out of grinding coffee beans.

With a built-in adjustable grind selector, you can expect 18 different click settings ensuring that you will have total control over the coarseness of your coffee bean grind. It is capable of grinding Pour Over, Drip, Chemex, Cold Brew, French Press, PErcolator, AeroPress, Turkish, Espresso, Keurig K Cup, Herb, or even spices. That said, you have quite a bit of different uses for this grinder outside of the coffee beans.

Another popular feature of this is because of the fact that it’s manual, means that it is also portable. You can take this coffee grinder with you on your next camping, hiking, backpacking or any outdoor trip. Wake up, grind that coffee, and get a nice boost for you and your friends/family. That said, it also doesn’t have the ridiculously annoying noise when grinding as many electric coffee grinders do. Those things will wake up your entire family.

Constructed with stainless steel, you can expect the JavaPresse grinder to provide you with an incredible coffee bean, on a budget. This is why we have named it the best manual coffee grinder in our review of best coffee grinders of 2018.


3. Hamilton Beach Fresh-Grind – Best Budget Coffee Grinder

Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder

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Hamilton Beach offers the best budget coffee grinder of 2018. While it may not be as expensive, it still certainly gets the job done. If you’re a coffee lover, but cannot afford one of the super expensive competitors, this coffee grinder will motivate you by how much it can do on a budget. Just because something is more expensive, doesn’t mean it is necessarily better.

Our favorite feature of the Hamilton Beach budget coffee grinder is how quiet it truly is. The coffee grinder I own now, while it is a combination of a maker/grinder, is incredibly loud. I’ll turn it on prior to getting in the shower, and still be able to hear it grinding while the water is running over my head. Crazy, right? And, that one is mild in comparison to other competitors. With the Hamilton coffee grinder, you’re going to wonder if it is even grinding.

Constructed out of a durable plastic, with stainless steel cutting blades, you can expect a good grind. You are also capable of grinding spices within the Hamilton if that is of interest to you as well. Multi-purpose coffee grinder, on a budget? It doesn’t get much better than that. We highly recommend the Hamilton Beach coffee grinder.


4. Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Grinder

Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Grinder

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The Breville Smart coffee grinder is a burr grinder. If you’re looking for a blade grinder, look elsewhere, or consider stepping up your game. Generally speaking, burr grinders off a more uniform, and precise coffee bean grind. If you want the best cup of coffee, you’re in the right place.

The stainless steel conical burrs are designed for minimal grinding heat which will protect the essential oils within the coffee bean that allow for such an amazing, fresh taste. This shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re buying a cheaper coffee grinder, you can expect it to not do as good of a job keeping the beans cool. With that, you will see a significant drop off in taste, and we all truly drink the coffee for the taste.

The Breville Smart coffee grinder has 60 precise, and different settings that will offer a certain type of grind. We recommend when using this product, to focus on Espresso, and French Press Grind. However, it is capable of grinding anything. We found that those performed, and tasted the best. You will be able to adjust the grind time in increments of .2 seconds, with the Precision Electric Timer technology. This allows for a day in, and day out, consistent coffee bean grind.

You can expect the Breville Smart coffee grinder to be capable of holding up to 16 oz of coffee bean. This will make sure that you are filling up the container less often, increasing efficiency in your mornings. The coffee grinder has a locking system for easy removal, storage, and transfer of the beans. You are capable of grinding directly into a container where you can put your coffee filter.

Overall, the Breville smart coffee grinder is fourth on our list of best coffee grinders of 2018. We put it slightly lower because it is expensive, and doesn’t offer as much as the Virtuoso for a slightly lesser price point.


5. Mr. Coffee 18 Setting Coffee Grinder

Mr Coffee 18 Setting Coffee Grinder

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Mr. Coffee 18 coffee grinder is a coffee enthusiast favorite. I mean, the brand is called “Mr. Coffee”, how can you not enjoy it? As with many other competitors, this coffee grinder is a burr grinder allowing for an incredibly good coffee grind.

With 18 different settings, this coffee grinder will ensure, on a budget, that you will be given the coffee that you are looking for. If you find that you don’t enjoy one of the settings, or the uniform consistency of the grind, switch up a setting. When using this coffee grinder, it took us a few tries to find that perfect setting, but when we did, boy oh boy.

The Mr. Coffee 18 is capable of holding up to ½ lb of coffee beans. I know this may seem a bit underwhelming when you think about it, but consider how many tedious things you do each morning. Refilling your coffee grinder is something that you’re going to want to do each morning. A ½ lb of coffee beans is a lot, even if you drink a lot of coffee. That’s one less “task” you have to complete each morning. The grinding chamber is also removable, allowing for easy transfer to your actual coffee maker.

At the end of the day, Mr. Coffee 18 coffee grinder is an easy-to-use piece of equipment, that will significantly reduce time spent making coffee each morning. If you’re in the market, look no further than our fifth choice in our review of best coffee grinders of 2018.


6. KitchenAid BCG111OB Coffee Grinder

KitchenAid BCG111B Coffee Grinder

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KitchenAid BCG1110B coffee grinder is a blade grinder. The majority of the competitors on this list are burr grinders. If you prefer the blade grinder, this is a fantastic choice on a budget.

The stainless steel blades the KitchenAid coffee grinder is equipped with offer increased durability over burr competitors, as well as powerful performance. They will easily grind enough coffee beans to prepare 12 cups of coffee. While that may not be practical, it certainly is impressive. I’d rather have a coffee grinder than can over-produce, rather than one that under-produces.

With a clear-top cover, you will be able to see your coffee beans as they are grinding. This will allow you to make adjustments the next time you grind if you are unhappy with the original result. The one-touch control allows for easy operation. Push down on the cover, and your coffee grinder will begin operation.

Equipped with a 4-oz stainless steel bowl, that is removable, you will be easily able to transfer your ground coffee beans after use. This allows for increased efficiency in the morning, getting you out the door, with an amazing cup of coffee in your hand, more quickly.

While not the quality of some of it’s competitors, the KitchenAid coffee grinder is still considered one of the best coffee grinders on the market per its price point.


7. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

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This is the second Baratza product in our review of best coffee grinders of 2018. The Encore is less expensive but offers a less quality grind than the Virtuoso. You are still receiving a lot of bang for your buck, however.

Equipped with a stainless steel burr as many other competitors provide, this particular coffee grinder has a different style of burr. This offers a unique coffee bean grind that you won’t find in any other product. The Encore coffee grinder has 40 individual grind settings, from fine to coarse, allowing you to find the perfect consistency in your coffee.

The efficiency of the DC motor will maintain a cool coffee bean when grinding, savoring the oils within the bean that provide that incredible flavor you are seeking. Simultaneously, an electric motor is running that reduces the burr to 450 RPM, which reduces the noise the coffee grinder produces. No more waking up your family in the morning!

The convenient, front-mounted pulse button creates a sense of easiness when grinding coffee beans. As easy-to-use as the Encore coffee grinder is, you can see why it is in our review of best coffee grinders. For its median price, you will get more quality out of it than most of it’s more expensive competitors.


8. Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

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The Capresso 560.01 infinity coffee grinder is often considered as the best grinder. We have put it lower on our list as we prefer the Baratza’s. That said, though, this coffee grinder is indeed a high-quality product and should be considered.

It is powered by a 100-watt conical burr grinder, that is equipped with 16 different settings. These 16 different settings will ensure that you find the perfect coffee bean grind in terms of coarseness, and fineness. Or, if you enjoy a vast variety of different coffee, the different settings will ensure that the flavor is maintained. Blade grinders more often than not cause the coffee beans to lose a lot of their precious flavor.

With the Capresso coffee grinder, you’ll have a bean container that is capable of holding up to 8 ½ ounces of coffee beans. This is widely overlooked as refilling your coffee beans each day can become increasingly tedious day in and day out. You’ll thank us later for purchasing a coffee grinder with a larger capacity. The grounds container is capable of holding 4 ounces. The coffee grinder is relatively easy to clean as well which for me, personally, is the only drawback of owning a coffee grinder.

Overall, though, for the price, you are getting an incredibly high-quality coffee grinder out of the Capresso 560.01 Infinity. If you’re looking to step up your game, or are just getting into coffee, this is the perfect option.


9. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Coffee Grinder

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Coffee Grinder

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Cuisinart is a very famous company for manufacturing kitchen appliances and tools. They hit the nail on the head with the Cuisinart DBM-8 supreme coffee grinder. This puppy is an automatic burr mill grinder that proves to maintain the taste, and flavor in your favorite coffee beans.

The removable grind chamber is capable of holding enough coffee for up to 32 cups. While most people don’t drink that most coffee in a single day, I’d rather have a coffee grinder that is more capable, rather than less capable. The Cuisinart DBM-8 has an electric timer that will automatically shut off when the grinding cycle has been completed.

The 18-position grind selector aims to offer you an incredible variety of grinding ability. Each coffee bean reacts differently to each grinder, so it is important to find the correct setting when aiming for incredible flavor, and taste.

With an elegant, and sexy design, you can expect the Cuisinart coffee grinder to fit perfectly into your kitchen added an additional sense of class. For its price and the features included, it’s no wonder why we’ve decided to add this to our review of best coffee grinders of 2018. You’re not going to find a better bang for your buck. Indulge yourself in some of the best coffee you’ve ever had.


10. Hario Skerton Ceramic Manual Coffee Grinder

Hario Skerton Ceramic Manual Coffee Grinder

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If you have a lot of time on your hands, and you’re a bit more on the old-fashioned side of things, the Hario Skerton manual coffee grinder is the perfect fit for you.

As simplistic as you can get, this coffee grinder will offer you an immense amount of satisfaction from something you’d never expect to. Pop those coffee beans in, crank the handle, and turn your coffee beans into the finest particles you’ve seen. Those fine-grounded coffee beans are going to provide you with an incredible flavor you’ve never seen out of store-bought ground beans.

The Hario coffee grinder is perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, or any outdoor activity as it compact, and lightweight. This is somewhere where the manual coffee grinders outperform the electric ones. If you want an authentic feel to your camping trips, you can’t expect to take a bunch of electrics out into the wilderness. It just doesn’t feel the same when people do that; I’ll never understand.

Our only concern with the Hario Skerton coffee grinder is the glass part of it. Where the other parts are very durable, you need to be weary of the glass. One wrong move and it is capable of being broken. Just something to keep in mind when purchasing this manual coffee grinder.

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